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I should never have to ask why someone is only wearing boxers in my room.

… But I just did.

I said get comfortable. Not too comfortable and sexy. T-T


No Man’s Sky Fan Poster - Created by Andrew Gamble

Gallium  shatters like glass, melts at 29.76°C, attacks other metals and acts like an alien life-form when exposed to a sulphuric acid and dichromate solution. It also melts in your hand… Read more at: Gajitz

Apparently DC has declared tomorrow, July 23rd, BATMAN DAY. A day to celebrate the caped crusader.
I thought Batman appreciation was a daily occurrence, like the tides or photosynthesis or DC destroying any trace of pre-New 52 Batman continuity, which always will be better than whatever thy’re shitting out on the page atm.
Anyways, Tomorrow: BATMAN MARATHON here on The Comics Vault.Same Bat-Time (10 am), same Bat-Blog (This one! At least for a day.)
See you then, old chums!
[BATMAN  #186 (Nov. 1966)Art by Sheldon Moldoff & Joe Giella]